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Perhaps the most important service offered is the high level of integrity in everything that we do. Our philosophy of listening to our customers and learning about their pressure points helps us to focus on what is truly important to them. We assist them with their most immediate and pressing (pun intended) needs as well as how to help them to achieve their longer-term goals. IES is known as a company that understands the importance of providing a high level of service, wherever and whenever we are needed.

We are proud to say that IES customers know us as collaborators, partners and important team members who work hard to contribute to their success. 

  • Our customers will tell you that IES does what we say that we will do.
  • Our suppliers appreciate our willingness to work closely with them to find the solutions that benefit all parties.
  • Competitive stampers and fabricators trust IES to provide overflow and emergency capacity to them as their needs dictate.

Take a look at some of our specific service offerings:


From short runs to millions of pieces IES produces high quality metal stampings in a variety of shapes and materials. Our core capabilities along with an efficient manufacturing team allow IES the ability to help make our customers more responsive and competitive.

  • Press capacity from 100 Ton to 400 tons with available bed sizes up to a 96”
  • Tight tolerance and precision
  • Progressive, line dies, punching and bending
  • Various alloys and materials
  • Management of multiple secondary processes including heat treating, coating, painting, packaging, de-burring, and finishing.




Secondary Processing Services

IES offers a variety of secondary processing options that support complex part requirements. Whether provided in-house or through our carefully selected supplier-partners we actively manage all of the required steps to give you a perfect part or assembly. Here are a few secondary service that IES provides:

  • CNC Processing
  • Flow Drilling
  • Light assembly
  • Secondary bending and punching
  • Drill and tapping
  • Projection welding
  • Metal finishing
  • Packaging
  • Design for manufacturability review
  • Outside processing management: coating, de-burring, packaging, heat treating, machining, etc.
  • A defined process for managing the risk associated with moving production dies.
  • Prototypes – through our network of West Michigan’s best sources




Tool Building

IES has a dedicated team of in-house tool and die makers with over 75 years of combined experience. Their “old school” training combined with up to date “new school” techniques provides IES the ability to offer tooling services that include design and build for new tooling projects and trouble shooting, maintenance and repair of existing tooling. The benefits of in-house tool makers to our customers include:

  • Incoming die triage for take-over work to identify each tool’s current condition, make any necessary repairs that affect safety or part integrity and get the tooling up and running quickly.
  • Immediate attention to tooling issues that arise during production runs – maximizing up-time to support consistent on-time deliveries.
  • We routinely provide design for manufacturability support which leads to both lower up-front tooling and ongoing part costs.




From design to delivery IES offers the complete package. Streamlining your processes and lowering you per part cost.

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